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Why all the colors?

Our philosophy is a bit different than your average law firm. 

Our goal is to educate you into making the correct financial decisions that meet the needs of you and your family.

Take a look around, all over the web, on the radio, and on TV commercials. Many law firms attempt to scare their future clients into signing an agreement for their services. Many of them depict attorneys striking an aggressive stance, looking overly serious without a smile.

Financial matters are serious but the way the these matters are dealt with and addressed can either leave our client (you) feeling relieved and protected or we can allow you to feel even more anxious and nervous. 

We choose to protect you and lower the stress level and anxiety related to financial hardship.

We choose to provide an environment of collaboration without fear. We choose to address your fears and anxiety with positivism. We choose to have you hire us because we are amazing at what we do.

We are a very highly skilled team with many years of experience. We do our job with a smile knowing that once we are done you will be in a better financial situation.


It is not the end. It is the beginning!

A common theme that we see with our clients is that they believe that by using LEGAL remedies like the bankruptcy process, they will be financially ruined. They fear being unable to buy a car, a home, get credit cards and generally do what they  were able to do prior to the bankruptcy. 

Unfortunately, false beliefs prevent a great deal of debtors from exercising laws that were designed to provide them protection from creditors.


Creditors can legally pursue you in court and garnish your hard earned money, but the BEAUTY is that you too can pursue legal remedies and stop them from touching your income and bank accounts.

We will guide you back to financial health....WE PROMISE!

Here is a list of some people who filed bankruptcy and made out just fine:

  • Walt Disney

  • Henry Ford 

  • President Donald Trump

  • President Abraham Lincoln


We hope you choose to look at this event as a new beginning filled with an opportunity for you and your family to grow and prosper!

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